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Travel through Time and Space with Chef Stephan Zoisl

My Private Chef brought a themed experiential dinner to Kuala Lumpur. The eight-course menu brought our client’s guests on a journey with Chef Stephan Zoisl as he travelled through eight key moments in human history. Each course has a unique flavour or character for every historical era. Here is a glimpse of the journey of […]

Innovation – The Name of the Game

Like many events around town, it is always challenging to find ways to make a conference more dynamic. Something that would draw in the crowd and is engaging.  My Private Conference recently embarked on a project with the Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) – namely CHI INNOVATE 2019. The conference was held in conjunction with […]

Event Partner Promises

As we cruise along with the Year of the Dog, My Private Chef has kicked off this auspicious year with some FRESH perspectives. Similar to the truest and most reliable partners we know dogs to be, My Private Chef also aims to be the most reliable event partner, and the team shares their event partner […]

Fresh From The Chefs

The team at My Private Chef takes significant pride in the dining experiences they create, and it is only made possible with the close collaboration of our chef partners. This issue, some of our favourite chefs – who will also be featured in our portfolio of chefs at the National Gallery Singapore – have dished […]

Lights, Cameras, Action!

Those flashing lights, clicks of the camera and the glittering spectacle of a glitzy event. There is something about it all that seems so glamourous and exhilarating. The challenge is making it look like it is effortless. That is the impression that the event agency wants guests to perceive anyway. Little do many people know […]