Balancing Act for Sales Kick Offs and Award Events

As everyone returns to the office refreshed from their festive break, many companies are dialling up the enthusiasm to rally their employees with sales kick-off and award events. Designed to motivate the company’s sales teams and supporting functions crucial to the company’s targets, these events serve to recognize top performers, boost team morale and provide an open forum to clarify the company’s goals and individual’s targets for the year ahead.

On one hand, the bosses want to fill the entire event with intense educational content to ensure their messages are driven home. On the other hand, the organising committee strives to add interactive activities and entertainment since they believe that this will boost attendance and foster team bonding. So how do we strike a balance between the two sides?

Crystal Chua, Director of My Private Chef explains what a sales kick-off event would usually entail. “These days, companies are watching their costs, so such events are kept a bit tighter – usually one or half a day. These would typically be comprised of an educational portion in the day, followed by a nice dinner party so everyone can network casually after understanding their own tasks. Companies with more budget to play with organise two-to-three-day company retreats in regional destinations like Indonesia or Thailand, and may also include additional team building and leisure elements to break the ice and boost team spirit,” she says.

Much to the delight of staff, this company’s Annual Dinner was kicked-off with a Chinese drum show performed by the senior management team (image courtesy of Leighton Asia)]

Much to the delight of staff, this company’s Annual Dinner was kicked-off with a Chinese drum show performed by the senior management team (image courtesy of Leighton Asia)

A firm believer of creating that ideal balance between education and entertainment, Crystal feels that engaging activities help to ensure a longer impression of the key messages that these events aim to propagate. Ideally, the educational aspects could even be conceptualised as entertaining activities. “Instead of one way dialogues, the format of such events are becoming more interactive and paperless. For instance, our recommendations for live engagement tools and small working groups to complete activities have been very well received. Out of the box motivational speakers are also popular these days, as people can apply the success stories or great ideas to their own work,” Crystal explains.

To subtly reinforce key corporate messages across various event touch-points, organisers could also consider activities that are analogous to the intended message. Rock climbing to represent reaching new heights; building an edible artwork at the dinner party to show team spirit and creativity; or edible (chocolate/fruit flavoured) “Lego bricks” that attendees can add to an existing installation demonstrates each members’ contributions to create something greater, are just some examples.

Rock climbing can be representative of each team member contributing to taking the company to new heights (image courtesy of Flickr)

Rock climbing can be representative of each team member contributing to taking the company to new heights (image courtesy of Flickr)

When planning the entertainment segment of your event, it’s vital to consider the profile of your guests. As My Private Chef’s clientele are comprised of the discerning and well-heeled, the team usually turn to the world stage for ideas. Introducing a mini crash course for guests or senior management to stage a performance drives audience participation, while unique acts that are gravity-defying or dramatic (think aerial acrobatics or fire or water dancing, when venue permits), will definitely be memorable for the guests.

Guests insert their own additions to the interactive Lite Brite Board (image courtesy of

Guests insert their own additions to the interactive Lite Brite Board (image courtesy of

Previous examples that the bespoke dining events agency has executed include AIA Premier Awards at Gardens by the Bay. With 300 out of the 400 guests receiving awards that evening, a strong emcee was essential to keep the event on time and the audience engaged through stage games. Another event for Facebook involved hosting a secret supper for their regional team planning meetings. The WOW factor for this event was its surprise location at an aircraft hangar that perfectly tied together its aviator event theme.

When executed well, educational portions of your sales kick-off events will flow seamlessly between educational and entertaining, while also commencing the year on a high, alongside a united and motivated team.

Top Trends for Corporate Events in 2017

Happy New Year! As we march into 2017, armed with fresh and creative objectives, more colleagues to motivate and clients to impress, it is crucial to anticipate what our guests would like to see so you can stay ahead of the game. My Private Chef shares our predictions to help you impress this year when planning your corporate events.

Unique Experiences 

Let’s be real here. Your guests are regularly receiving invitations to events. Coupled with the many distractions in our world today, it takes more to create an event experience that will actually live on in your guests’ minds. We foresee that many corporate events will focus more on unique experiences and less on gimmicks such as door gifts or photo booths to impress if budgets are tight.

More and more, we see events including interactive elements coming into the program. The idea is to allow guests to play a part in creating the event narrative, rather than just appearing for meetings, networking and good food. Whether it be engaging food concepts or personalised itineraries based on your guests’ interests, there are myriad ways that this could come to fruition and complement your event theme. Performances with a difference, such as the VIPs surprising guests as the performers, timing the entertainment at an unexpected slot, or pairing it with another entertainment element (e.g. Violinist with live art jamming) could make all the difference.

Money cannot buy experiences usually bestow a feeling of exclusivity and will create an elevated affinity if your event enables the guests to private access to a museum or exhibition, or meet a top personality or inspiring public figure admired by many. One step further would be to arrange for guests to enjoy some personal interaction with the celebrity figure. Crystal Chua, Director of My Private Chef, recalls an event she organised a number of years ago for an international bank who was expecting some very well-heeled and successful businessmen and politicians. The guests were treated to a special appearance by former Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, and were thrilled to have the opportunity to shake hands and exchange a few words with him!

Location, Location, Location

Changi Freeport is a lesser explored and very exclusive venue that looks like the set of a blockbuster action movie

Changi Freeport is a lesser explored and very exclusive venue that looks like the set of a blockbuster action movie

The novelty of new and hip venues is often a strong draw for event hosts and guests. Given Singapore’s size, many event hosts can feel like they have exhausted Singapore’s selection of novel event venues. My Private Chef has been hard at work proposing alternative and “off the beaten track” venues, or suggesting ways to present an existing venue in a fresh, creative light, while still complementing the event theme.

Crucial for enticing guests, a demand for more innovative venues or re-innovating venues will continue to flourish in the coming year. Depending on the scale and theme of the event, some lesser explored venue options include an extremely secure storage vault for high value collectibles that evoke feelings like one has stepped onto the set of Mission Impossible, a UNESCO World Heritage site, private black and white colonial houses, embassies, High Commissioners’ residences or gardens, private art galleries, or if they’re willing, the home of their CEOs.

Going Greener

As clients continue to place a greater emphasis on pursuing more environmentally conscious event executions, this is a direction that we would most happily love to take further. Biodegradable plates and cutlery should a large-scale event necessitate disposable items, not ordering too much food to avoid wastage and reducing the amount of printed collateral are just some of the most basic ways to go green. On a higher level, you can explore selecting a venue based on their green energy rating, requesting sustainably sourced ingredients for F&B and only approving the construction of branded event designs if they are items that can be recycled.

Watching the Pennies

While the economy continues to be kept on its toes, we have witnessed that many companies are making concerted efforts to rein in their spending. Clients are increasingly conscious of being seen to splash out and splurge on both internal or external events, especially when accountable to shareholders. We work with our clients to create subtler corporate branding solutions and strong, yet less ostentatious event design concepts, without compromising on impact. Lately, we see less emphasis on reception areas that are used for less than an hour pre-dinner. Stages are also adopting more minimalist designs, such as digital backdrops or projection mapping, while devising more innovative ways to retain a strong corporate identity.

A luxury collaboration between Christie’s, UOB and McLaren helped to enhance each brand’s equity and defray event costs

A luxury collaboration between Christie’s, UOB and McLaren helped to enhance each brand’s equity and defray event costs

Strategic cross-marketing partnerships have emerged as an effective way to defray costs while elevating brand perception through association. Best used when appealing to the same target audiences, My Private Chef are currently working on a bank’s CNY dinner that will feature a fashion show held by a luxury clothing designer label. This win-win partnership enables the fashion brand to promote their offerings to a highly valued segment of their target market, while the bank reduces their event costs and enhances their brand equity in the eyes of their clients. 

The Wow Factor

Tight budgets or not, we constantly receive the question, “So, what will the WOW factor be at our event?” Whether it is for client appreciation, drive brand awareness or product launch, clients are looking for a shareworthy and unforgettable element that will leave a lasting impression on their guests.

Digital advancements in virtual or augmented reality are a potential way to create immersive impact and cut through the clutter. We are especially excited about how this melds with F&B, bringing forth the art of table mapping and sensorial dining. Moving beyond merely visual presentation to enhance the dining experience, floor to ceiling digital screens help corporate hosts weave their key messages throughout the story of the event. You can find out more about a previous sensorial dining event we arranged for SACEOS at the Grand Hyatt Hotel here. While chefs often do not like venue fragrance scents that overwhelm and clash with the aroma of their food, we are working on room scents that can transport guests to the sources of where the key ingredients have originated.

Live edible art demos are a photo-worthy form of interactive entertainment

Live edible art demos are a photo-worthy form of interactive entertainment

Alternatively, elevating the food presentation for it to be a centerpiece or talking point is often a trick of the trade. After all, great food appeals to all cultures. Recent events have had our team executing various types of edible art, be it with unique flavours, or in paint form for live edible art jamming exhibits.

You should now be able to confidently embark on hosting a unique yet discrete event, held in a creative venue, with measures to reduce wastage, while maintaining the wow factor and keeping within budget. Should you need some extra support to stay on vogue, the My Private Chef team are on-hand to share more inspiration!


My Private Chef wins the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2016!


The team at My Private Chef are thrilled to announce that they have been awarded with the Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA) 2016! The SPBA recognises and honours Singapore brands that have been developed and managed effectively through various branding initiatives.

All at My Private Chef are exhilarated by their win in the Micro Brands category. Crystal Chua, Director of the agency is extremely grateful that their hard work over the years has been recognised, “With this independent stamp of affirmation by an established Singapore authority, we hope that clients will continue to have confidence in My Private Chef delivering the quality service and results that larger or more established agencies may also offer.”

This is especially significant, given that the bespoke dining agency caters to discerning diners who are looking for something beyond the ordinary dining experience. Their unique ideas and solutions will now also carry the assurance of excellence that any Singapore Prestige Brand guarantees.

In the meantime, My Private Chef continue to support their locally-based clients both within Singapore and overseas. In the long-term, the team have their sights set on building a client base across the region, but for now, the focus will be on delivering great events for their clients, who are ramping up event plans in the busy Q3 and Q4 periods.

The Do’s and Don’ts for the ultimate D&D

It’s that time of year again, where the entire company is working hard to meet the year’s target or do a big push leading up to the year-end. Before you know it, Orchard Road will again be draped with lights and dancing Christmas trees, and offices will be full of chatter regarding how the staff will be spending their year-end breaks.

If you’re already in the midst of arranging your company’s D&D, nice work! For those who are still marveling at how rapidly this year has flown by, the time has come!

Most companies use D&D’s or end of year parties as an opportunity to close out a great year and convey their appreciation to employees and clients. We’ve provided a list of Do’s and Don’ts for pulling together a D&D party that makes guests feel valued and keep them talking about it long after they’ve vacated the dance floor.


Book early to secure your desired venue

Book early to secure your desired venue

1. Select and book your venue early – This is the first priority, so you will already have your date and location locked down, as well as an idea of the maximum capacity for the event. If the venue is not within your office or of walking distance, arrange transport for guests to get to the venue with minimum hassle. Some companies even choose to keep the venue a secret to increase the fun factor. Facebook, for example, transported their unknowing regional team leads to an aircraft hangar for a surprise secret supper, allowing the team to let their hair down in a unique and totally share-worthy space.

2. Set-up a small organizing committee – it’s important that the committee aims to be as representative of the preferences of the whole office as possible. Nominate a main spokesperson to liaise with the 3rd party event planners to avoid confusion or dilution of an event concept

3. Consider having a theme that is carried across the invitations, guests’ costumes, food, décor, entertainment and gifts. Do make sure that it is easy for the majority of the staff to be able to take part and enjoy

4. Keep everyone engaged, before, during and after the party! Send out teaser emails/invitations/goodies prior to the date to get everyone excited and be open to employee suggestions. Post-party, share pictures and thank you messages to the guests, as well as feedback forms to gauge how future events could be improved upon

5. Keep the company culture in mind when planning the entertainment – Following on from the previous point, the choice of entertainment is also crucial to ensuring attendee engagement and enjoyment. With so many entertainment options to choose from: live band or DJ, games and trivia, employee team talent shows, to name a few, an understanding of your company’s culture and a sensitivity towards the social habits of the majority of the guests will allow you to gauge their enthusiasm or willingness to participate in certain forms of entertainment, and allow for a more well-received decision.

Having a thorough understanding of the company culture is integral to guaranteeing your guests’ involvement and enjoyment of the party]

Having a thorough understanding of the company culture is integral to guaranteeing your guests’ involvement and enjoyment of the party


1. Leave things to the last minute – Doing so will result in potentially losing out on your ideal date or venue, prevent employees/clients from being able to block out their calendars/travel schedules for the event, and may also increase costs for any last minute catering, AV or planning needs. Ideally, anywhere from 2-4 months of advanced planning would be required (6-8 without an events agency!) to conceptualise and execute a seamless event

2. Neglect the details – As the focus of the year-end party is intended to communicate appreciation to your guests, think about the different ways you could recognise their accomplishments. Awards, or individualised, functional gifts based on the preferences of the recipients that also reinforce the theme of the event are a great option. Personalised, handwritten cards also go a long way. A photo slideshow that calls out the contributions of certain team members or shows employees participating in activities across the year is a thoughtful way to boost company morale and camaraderie

3. Skimp on the food – Especially in a food-focused country like Singapore, it would not bode well to be serving measly chips and dip, or soggy deep-fried offerings to convey appreciation. While this doesn’t have to mean splashing out on foie gras and Hokkaido scallops, your events agency can advise you on tasty and filling canapés that can be easily eaten while mingling with drink in hand, or a unique and interactive 3 course dinner that will impress the clients while not breaking the bank

Interactive food service stations are also a memorable way to add a more personalized touch to your D&D event

Interactive food service stations are also a memorable way to add a more personalized touch to your D&D event

4. Go overboard – There has been a trend towards more chic and simple D&D’s, as companies are being requested to conduct their end-of-year celebrations with diminishing budgets. Additionally, extravagantly decorated and splashy parties may also cause displeasure to shareholders. More events now include fun and social activities that are conducive to mingling rather than having guests sit through over-the-top entertainment, and it’s a lot of the smaller details (think photo booths, table games or staff performances) that make the event memorable for the guests

5. Focus on the brand/company – The end of year function is the time for everyone to let their hair down, celebrate the company’s accomplishments and have fun! Leave the upcoming deadlines, budget issues and future corporate visions at the office for one night and just enjoy!

Regardless of the size of the D&D party’s budget, the most important outcome is the sentiment that is conveyed. If your guests depart feeling truly appreciated, with an increased sense of pride for being a part of/collaborating with the organization, enjoyed sharing and spending time with each other, these are what truly mark the success of your D&D event.

A Multi-Sensorial Experience That Inspires Guests to Re-Imagine

On July 28-29 2016, the Singapore Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (SACEOS) held the sixth annual Singapore MICE Forum. The theme for the two day program was Re-Imagine, inspiring participants to “go back to the drawing board, to re-create and challenge them to put forth fresh ideas for clients, constituents and the industry.”

The projector wall provides an impressive welcome into the Singapore MICE Forum gala dinner

The projector wall provides an impressive welcome into the Singapore MICE Forum gala dinner

The event concluded with a grand industry gala dinner where My Private Chef collaborated with Grand Hyatt Hotel to bring the Re-Imagine theme to life.

Despite the tight production time, My Private Chef team worked swiftly to create a multi-sensorial event experience that transported guests outside of their usual realm of imagination. Visually, they leveraged the Grand Hyatt Hotel’s enormous 19.5m x 4m projector wall to create scenes that complemented each dish that was planned for this “Reimagine” dinner. For example, the smoked salmon entrée was accompanied with immersive footage of a gushing stream; a foraging trip into the woods unearthed the inspiration for the chestnuts, mushrooms and truffles used in the second course soup; while firewood crackling merrily in a fire heralded the arrival of the roast chicken breast and barramundi with eggplant and red pepper compote and potato dauphinoise finished with olive jus.

Guests enjoyed the Barramundi accompanied by the view and sounds of the gushing stream

Guests enjoyed the Barramundi accompanied by the view and sounds of the gushing stream

Scent and taste were well taken care of with the beautifully inspired dishes that My Private Chef are renowned for conceptualising and executing.

To add a human touch to the experience, the team felt that there was nothing more imaginative than a child’s mind, hence they worked with a child talent to learn the script and record voiceovers introducing each course.

With the desire to create a colourful and dramatic grand finale to the meal, the team arranged for the projector walls to display a whimsical garden and a real-life Alice to pop out and introduce herself as the guide on this journey through the wonderland of her imagination.

An interactive and colourful finale with the appearance of the child talent “Alice” to introduce the Alice in Wonderland-themed dessert

An interactive and colourful finale with the appearance of the child talent “Alice” to introduce the Alice in Wonderland-themed dessert

To ensure all guests were immersed in the right environment, the video footage for projection needed to be of a very high quality so intense edits were required to fit the projector walls’ and menu requirements on the big day. Timing was also crucial to the execution of this multi-sensorial experience. Onsite, tight controls were held over the kitchen, AV and voiceover talent to ensure a seamless and memorable journey for the guests.

The guests themselves were also seasoned event organisers or people who had attended many world class events, and the My Private Chef team were thrilled to receive so much positive feedback on the way that they’d taken the “Re-Imagine” theme to the next level with projection and high-quality AV technology.

With this style of technology becoming more prevalent at recently refurbished or world-class event venues such as Suntec Convention Center and Grand Hyatt Hotel in Singapore, more event organisers and hosts will be able to push the boundaries on presentations and event backdrops to create the level of immersion necessary to make an event unforgettable.

See how My Private Chef pulled it all together in the video above.


“When running an event, being too organised had me at a real disadvantage,” said no one ever. With so many moving parts – and more often than not – very tight deadlines and budgets, organisation is key to pulling together a seamless and successful event.

Collaborating with an event agency relieves a significant portion of the organisational burden and allows you to focus on other event elements, such as managing the stakeholders, planning the content (if applicable) and guaranteeing attendance. It’s always important to meet the operation (ops) team first to ensure the event ideas will be executed by the best and most meticulous.

To provide you with an insight into how the planning and execution of extraordinary events are pulled together, below is a list of fundamental items for the serial corporate events agency ops team.

1. Event brief and aligned design proposal – Firstly, it is important for both you and your agency to have clarity on what your organisation wants to communicate and how it wants to be perceived. Often, this involves managing the internal stakeholders to ensure the event brief is clear and coherent. Even if you do not have an event theme in mind, sharing all the requisite information, draft event program and areas of help needed will allow the event agency to return with an event proposal tailored to your event, detailing their vision and floor plan for all of the elements. Once mutually aligned, the event agency will proceed to bring the proposal to life.


Ensuring that every minute detail is aligned will help set expectations to be exceeded on the day

2. Project timeline with allocated responsibilities – as mentioned, the plethora of tasks that require attention and liaison with infinite stakeholders, as well as the finite time for completion, calls for clear roles and responsibilities and a realistic timeline that everyone follows to the tee. It’s imperative that each team member owns their tasks both pre-event and onsite, reducing duplication of efforts and ensures all details and deliverables are accounted for. For large scale projects that involve various stakeholders, i.e. internal and external, or collaboration with additional 3rd party agencies, this calls for even clearer roles and responsibilities that are documented and shared for accountability across all stakeholders.

3. Budget allocation – a clear breakdown of the budget apportioned to each event element. This will allow the event agency to explore all possibilities within the set figure and avoid overspending. Always set aside some buffer for last minute event changes or problem solving.

4. Manpower plan – on the day itself, it’s essential to know where each member of the team will be stationed at any given moment and who the go-to point of contact is for every detail. For events that are taking place at a large venue, what happens in one zone may affect another. Hence, tight control over the physical space is crucial. From AV testing to F&B catering, transport to VIP management, this minimises the risk of any misses and ensures a more seamless execution. For events where F&B plays a central role, expect a service staff to guest ratio of 1:10 for cocktail parties and 1:6-8 for sit-down dinners.

5. Menu and food presentation notes – for an event agency like My Private Chef that places a strong emphasis on its gastronomic offerings, the menu and food presentation notes are vital. For countries like Singapore, guests are surrounded by good food, translating to a higher level of F&B offerings to impress. In these cases, the priority should always be the taste and quality of the food presented in a stylish manner, instead of trying to attempt any thematic experiments or gimmicks.

When it comes to the menu items themselves, dishes should accommodate any possible dietary constraints or habits for the majority of the guests. For instance, chicken and fish would be more widely consumed than lamb or intestines. Additionally, vegetarians and the current trend of health conscious dietary requirements, such as gluten-free or vegan, must also be considered. The challenge is planning a menu that fulfils everyone’s dietary habits, while still sounding and tasting premium and indulgent. Venue constraints will also dictate the style of menu. Hiring a celebrity chef to execute his masterpiece menu in a makeshift tent kitchen would most likely yield tragic results.

If the same dish for 400 people is being prepared by a team of 15, presentation notes ensure that every plate will emerge consistent in its appearance. Thanks to the menu notes, all service staff will be professional and knowledgeable in answering any questions guests may have regarding the menu.


Food presentation notes ensure that situations like these leave minimal room for inconsistency

6. Contingency plans – general life experience dictates that nothing ever goes perfectly as intended. However for an event planner, contingency plans are crucial so that the next best option is ready to go in the event of rain in the middle of summer, the main speaker’s flight getting delayed, or a power shortage midway through a video introduction of your company’s latest product. Be upfront about possible changes or uncertainties with your event agency. This way, they can help you anticipate your contingency plan.

7. Lists and more lists – minute by minute agendas, lists of vendor contacts, security registration details, key stakeholder contacts, seating, dietary requirements, VIP name and photo lists, event agency ops teams are notorious note-taking fiends! While it may be tedious to compile, these tiny details that are smoothly handled don’t go unnoticed by guests.

So there you have it! A small peek into the planning process and what is concealed within that clipboard that ops team event managers always carry around on event days like their lives depend on it (which they kind of do!).


Whether it be to strengthen relationships or communicate new offerings to a client, drive staff affiliation or convey appreciation, all events are arranged with the aim to delight guests and deepen the level of engagement with your brand.

However, to really maximise on the investment of hosting such events, it is important to really hone in on what message you want your audience to take away. After all, events are a reflection of your business, and also a powerful way to convey the brand attitude and company culture.

XL-Catlin celebrates the launch of their new post-merger brand by zoning their party according to the three key offices around the world, namely Singapore, New York and London

XL-Catlin celebrates the launch of their new post-merger brand by zoning their party according to the three key offices around the world, namely Singapore, New York and London

Is the intention to communicate to your staff that the company is currently in a strong position and boost company morale? Or do you need to convey your brand as exclusive and aspirational, piquing the desire of your target market? Regardless, there are many tactics available to bring your brand story or corporate message to life.

My Private Chef Founder and Director, Crystal Chua, elaborates on the actions her team takes to illuminate the intended corporate message for each event, “Our creative process starts from deep-diving into the key messages or brand story… develop a strong event theme or concept. Our inspirations vary greatly depending on the company, spanning art shows, the brand’s heritage, technology and food or event trends that can be adapted to create an original event experience. We would then bring these concepts to the client and fine-tune them together to ensure the ideas are unique, yet on-brand and executable.”

For some events, corporate messages may be communicated through interactive installations that allow the guest to experience the messages for themselves. “An event we conceptualised and executed for Pantene involved the construction of a giant hairdryer, heat lamp structure and an art installation with hundreds of gold spray-painted hairbrushes dangling from the ceiling to communicate the various ways hair can undergo damage,” reminisces Crystal. “As the target audience was social media celebs, we needed to ensure that absolutely everything was social media share-worthy!”

Other events may be more discrete, with the core message framed from the very first invitation, highlighted in social media marketing, strengthened by event speakers and subtle event décor, then carried through to post-event communications collateral.

Spring/Summer potions to celebrate H&M’s new range

Spring/Summer potions to celebrate H&M’s new range

With a penchant for all things gastronomic, My Private Chef tackles even the most challenging corporate message communication with food. Insurance company Swiss Re was celebrating its 150th birthday and wanted to celebrate by kicking off a dialogue that opened minds and connected generations. My Private Chef worked the canapés menu to “open minds” by presenting known and loved foods executed in a contemporary and unexpected way. An example of this included the Deconstructed Laksa that contained prawn, bean sprouts, coriander, and prawn crackers, topped with Laksa espuma. To “connect generations”, the team presented both the classic Reuben Sandwich alongside Beef Sliders (mini beef burgers)….the former being an old classic enjoyed for decades while the latter is most well received by the younger generation.

In a time where the Masterchef movement has glamorised all things edible, even dessert (a menu item often overlooked by many) can be the grand finale to really driving home the message you’d like to convey to your guests. Credit Suisse sought to embed their corporate identity into their event, but unsure of how and what to communicate. My Private Chef came to the rescue by working with Chef Stephan Zoisl to whip up a 6 course menu that deliciously presented Credit Suisse’s heritage story. Titled “Golden Times”, dessert arrived in the form of a Credit Suisse engraved gold chocolate bar containing cocoa goodness at five different percentages to commemorate 157 years of growing wealth.

For My Private Chef, when these kinds of moments are paired with well thought through brand marketing and corporate communications strategies, this is where the magic happens. “Transforming (sometimes) stiff or dull corporate messages and brand stories into memorable event experiences is one of the areas that we strive to push the boundaries in. We love that our clients’ guests are still talking about our events long after they leave the venue,” says Crystal.

When an event is successfully executed, your staff will feel more valued and part of a united vision, ideally resulting in improved morale and employee retention rates. Events dedicated to your clients will have them walking out of the experience with a greater affinity to your brand and an openness to liaise further.