Chinese New Year Dinner with a Difference – It is Possible!

Chinese New Year. It is a similar formula every year of endless banquet dinners, traditional red outfits and loud entertainment. When it comes to corporate Chinese New Year events, invitations arrive thick and fast, and it becomes difficult to not feel fatigued and overly satiated from all the extravagance.  So, how do you make your Chinese New Year celebration stand out? Founder of My Private Chef and My Private Conference provides a few examples from years gone by.

“Instead of serving the same old traditional menu every year try highlighting traditional or auspicious ingredients in new dishes.  Ingredients such as pineapple, abalone, fish, mandarin oranges or Fat Choy, which symbolises wealth, can be cooked in new and different ways.  I remember one year we engaged the world’s only Michelin-starred Peranakan chef to curate a Chinese New Year feast that was true to the his roots yet the menu was unique from other Chinese New Year dinners.

But it is not just about food, event styling is important too.  For a financial institution that requested a modern Chinese New Year dinner for their clients, we suspended over 200 lanterns, a chic blend of traditional Chinese and modern, from the ceiling. These were accompanied by a modern Chinese jazz band and an equally modern Chinese menu that was individually plated.

Even the venue can make a difference. One year we arranged the dinner in a marquee just to get out of the typical hotel ballroom and added entertainment in the form of an Asian fusion percussion performance.

Personalised activities are a huge draw for our clients, and the team always enjoy the challenge of conceptualising interactive experiences that impress. This has seen events where guest’s surnames have been calligraphed onto lanterns and Chinese fans, or meet & greet sessions for VIP guests with the celebrity entertainer”


With many companies tightening entertainment budgets though, this means that event agencies need to work smarter for higher impact, such as matching the client with a suitable lifestyle partner for a modern Chinese fashion show or dancers who integrate their routines with an animated backdrop to elevate the experience. Personalised dinner activities can also be quite affordable, yet leave people feeling like they received a special treat. It is all in the execution.

Even for the clients who are seeking the traditional red and gold spread, My Private Chef has the expertise to ensure that the cuisine dished up will be a spectacular feast for the senses. Whichever direction you choose to take your Chinese New Year corporate festivities, you can count on My Private Chef to bring original ideas for entertainment, gifts and cuisine – especially cuisine – that is different from all the rest. Make your event the one that guests will look forward to till the next Chinese New Year rolls around.