Event Partner Promises

As we cruise along with the Year of the Dog, My Private Chef has kicked off this auspicious year with some FRESH perspectives. Similar to the truest and most reliable partners we know dogs to be, My Private Chef also aims to be the most reliable event partner, and the team shares their event partner promises for the year ahead. Whether it be reinvigorating corporate educational events or whetting appetites across the region, you can bet that we are going to take your imagination and palates to new horizons!

1. Reimagine Event Venues

Due to a wave of venue openings in the region over the last couple of years, there will be limited exciting new spaces to play with in 2018. While many clients may have already hosted events at these venues, the team at My Private Chef will be focusing on how to inject some new creative inspiration into these spaces to give them a differentiated new lease on life. Adapting design ideas from art exhibitions, theatres, film and departmental shop windows around the world has always been a source of inspiration for My Private Chef, and these efforts have been rewarded. The bespoke event agency has been named the official caterer of the iconic National Gallery Singapore, and the team looks forward to maximising their beautiful event space with ever more delicious and unique concepts.


event partner

National Gallery Inaugural Gala (Credit: The Peak Magazine, Oct 2016.)


2. Embed Great Hospitality into Your Educational Events

Conferences and seminars are crucial to connect with staff and clients for development, educational or networking purposes. There has been a surge in lunch and dinner presentations to maximise the day’s agenda. To guarantee a solid turnout and ambiance for these events, prioritise your food and drink offerings, consider interactive event design and savvy event technology to elevate your event a notch above the others. A unique opening act sets the tone for the event, and while hotel events are convenient, do bring your attendees out after the first day to spice things up and increase turnout by upping the engagement factor.


3. Plan Further Ahead

We have found that more clients are seeing the benefits of advanced planning for their large events, especially the ones around festive occasions like Chinese New Year, Diwali, annual regional staff events and year-end staff parties. Planning ahead allows you and your agency to plan more cost effectively. Most resources offer some cost savings when booked early, and more importantly, unique event ideas require sufficient lead time for production and rehearsals. Planning earlier also allows time for more advanced event roadmaps that will enable additional cost savings and make the overall event planning process a more enjoyable one. Make a promise to yourself here and now, to secure the venue and other key event highlights further in advance, as these are crucial for ensuring a robust RSVP rate.

event partner-1

Advanced planning for bigger events with a three to four months lead time will help hosts enjoy cost savings as well as grander and more unique ideas


4. Consolidate Your Event Resources

With many companies requiring teams to curb costs on entertainment and events, My Private Chef team is working with clients to adopt a more centralised approach that is more cost effective and efficient. Working with fewer agencies skilled in a broader range of services, as well as cultivating a more transparent approach with your agency will allow you to spend less time worrying about costly event expenses or lack of creativity, and focus on your overall event objectives.


5. Go Bigger

Aside from larger in scale, the team at My Private Chef are excited to be taking on more regional events. “We go where our clients go. Most of our clients are based in Singapore, but need to impress their clientele at client appreciation events or hold regional meetings for senior executives in various Asian locations – from Indonesia to Hong Kong. Clients trust us to have an eye for detail and understanding of their discerning attendees, who are often senior executives or high net-worth clients. Consistency for corporate messaging and branding are key consideration too,” says My Private Chef Director, Crystal Chua. Currently operating across Southeast Asia and managing the coordination from the My Private Chef headquarters in Singapore, the team has counted on reliable local support and looks forward to bringing more delicious and unforgettable events across the region.