Innovation – The Name of the Game

Like many events around town, it is always challenging to find ways to make a conference more dynamic. Something that would draw in the crowd and is engaging. 

My Private Conference recently embarked on a project with the Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) – namely CHI INNOVATE 2019. The conference was held in conjunction with the official opening of the new Ng Teng Fong Centre for Healthcare Innovation, a 9-storey purpose-built conference, learning and innovation hub. With a theme titled “Change Our Future!”, the challenge…how to make the conference innovative enough to change the future?

Charmaine Tan, Senior Event Specialist of My Private Conference, says that content must be strong. Content that the audience would be interested in — that means in-depth research that grasps their personal challenges and finding the right and engaging subject experts. CHI INNOVATE 2019 curated a unique programme by looking at innovation beyond the healthcare industry. Additionally, they also played with the conference format by including a live pitching session called “Lion’s Lair” focusing on the theme “Hospital to Homecare”, as well as a debate called “Faceoff: Mandatory Health and Fitness Tracking is Great for the Population”.

Faceoff: Mandatory Health and Fitness Tracking is Great for the Population

How did these things all come to life? My Private Conference provided end-to-end event management. In addition, My Private Conference went a step further by collaborating closely with CHI and provided services such as programming consultancy, budgeting, marketing, management of sponsorship and exhibitors, on top of registration management and general event planning. 

A strong content forms the core of any conference, but it is also the small details that add value to an event. My Private Conference helped to create a knowledge sharing platform where healthcare community interest groups could gather and collaborate, setting opportunities for business matching, as well as learning and education through exhibitor talks. This allows the learning to go beyond the conference.

Learning and Education Tours

So how do we keep the audience engaged throughout the two day conference? It is crucial to balance the keynote speeches with the out-of-the-box engaging activities that audience can participate in. Such examples include partner showcases, site visits, as well as casual interest group meetups. The casual meetups involve introducing a host who is an expert on a topic and facilitating a sharing of minds between host and attendees. It is also through programmes like “Lion’s Lair” and “Faceoff” that allows the audience to participate through voting polls and Q&A sessions.

Unity Wall Exhibit
Community of Practice Discussion
Voting Polls

The conference was timed to coincide with the inauguration of the Ng Teng Fong Centre for Healthcare Innovation. The briefing for the inauguration began with the client’s wishlist to showcase the building’s windmill on its garden terrace. The idea needs to represent the winds of change and to ensure that 50 VIPs were able to participate in the ceremony. Since installing a windmill indoors was not feasible, My Private Conference practically incorporated CHI’s requirements with some creativity. The concept was crafted by giving every guest a handheld LED-lit windmill. With audience participation lit up the entire auditorium and the opening ceremony literally took flight as Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister For Health, launched an electronic kite above the audience. The kite was joined by two other kites as they danced above the auditorium.

Opening Ceremony: Kite Launching

Innovation takes a great partnership and co-creation between the event planner and client. It originates from both parties being open to new ideas and allowing creativity throughout the event planning process. My Private Conference takes pride in understanding the client, delivering beyond what the client wants as well as what their event needs, and providing that extra dash of flair. CHI INNOVATE 2019 attracted over 800 participants. Overall, a very well attended, enlightening  and meaningful event that My Private Conference is proud to support this community healthcare innovators in Singapore.

CHI Innovate 2019 Full Video Highlights: